Like a classic Park Avenue residence in Manhattan, 89 Avenue projects understated grace with a rare fine grained, light Alabama limestone façade, a stunning three-storey entrance arch and an unmatched sense of arrival. Coming home to 89 Avenue is reassuringly private and secure, with no hotel or retail on the property. Here, each refined element complements the next. Spectacular suites designed by Brian Gluckstein come complete with standard finishes of such an elevated level that you may not choose to custom-tailor yours. Though, at 89 Avenue, every detail can be customized to make your home all that you envision.


Our Valet or the homeowner can drive the vehicle onto the pallet. A personal code lowers the vehicle into the 3-level underground garage. Pallets are electric-vehicle ready and custom-designed to accommodate the height and weight of a G-Wagon or the length of a Rolls Royce. Retrieval time is 90 seconds or less and the smart system adapts to your schedule for even faster response.

The LG Multi V VRF enhances condominium living and provides personalized comfort, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. Residents benefit from individual climate control via smart inverter technology, minimizing energy expenses. The scalable system optimizes space, while centralized management guarantees seamless operation. Its eco-friendly design aligns with green building certifications. The VRF system efficiently serves 1-3 units using low-profile ducted ceiling units, freeing up space and eliminating entire building shutdowns for service. LG’s advanced VRF systems prioritize sustainability, redefining comfort and efficiency in a compact HVAC solution, elevating the condominium living experience.

89 Avenue is a discreet and private address where, as at a 5-Star hotel, security and service are of the utmost importance. Biometric facial recognition is required for entrance to the building, gym, pool, elevators etc., or cellphone access by Bluetooth/NFC (Near Field Communication). The Lobby and Porte Cochere are manned by a dedicated staff which includes a Security Guard, Valet, Porter and of course, the Concierge. Monitored cameras keep watch on all amenity areas, corridors, and stairwells including the Hazleton Laneway entrance, which is brightly lit and beautifully landscaped. Each floor is only accessible by VIP elevator to its individual suite owners. Should owners require, safe rooms and vaults can also be incorporated. And in addition, our emergency generator gives you the reassurance of a backup source of power for the entire building.

The emergency generator will power the entire building including all Owner residences, the elevators, the automated parking and all the common element areas. As it will run off natural gas, the generator will run for an unlimited time, should the need arise.


Each suite is custom designed, and hand drawn by the developer to suit the lifestyle and personal preferences of the client. This is true bespoke design, and the sky is the limit.


This is a place of unmatched individual expression. A place where the experience of your suite is an inspired collaboration between the developer, the architect, the interior designer, and you. All beginning with a personal one-on-one consultation with the developer.

The starting point is an iconic new landmark in Yorkville, designed to equal or surpass the best in the world. The next steps are up to you.

Would a more closed kitchen suit your entertaining style? Would you prefer a private library? Are there unique finishes that inspire you? Vintage fireplace mantles? Lustrous lighting for your art collection?

This is 89 Avenue, and bespoke is our business.

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