Outdoor living that hits the high notes

Outdoor space in the heart of the city can be hard to come by for condo owners, but many storeys above the asphalt in Toronto there are places to put one’s feet up and enjoy the outdoors.

A rooftop terrace atop the city’s luxury condos can offer outdoor seating, spots to cook, space to host gatherings (when permitted) and zones in which to work, all with stunning views and fresh air. Some of Toronto’s newest luxury condominiums even have outdoor heating to cater to buyers looking to get outside when temperatures start to dip, making their terraces enjoyable all year.

Bayview at the Village by Canderel has almost 4,000 square feet of terrace on its roof, and which was designed to remind occupants of a private club.

“The outdoor terrace is located off of the indoor amenity programs where there are fitness facilities, and there are multipurpose rooms and lounges,” Dan Menchions, partner at II BY IV DESIGN, says.

“This extension of the outdoor space can either be an extension of one of the interior spaces so residents can exercise out there, or it could be a social gathering area to barbecue with family and friends.”

Those looking for private outdoor space can find it in Bayview’s balconies off of the condo units.

Menchions says the combination of public and private outdoor space gives the option for personal customization, and, eventually, larger and more communal areas for hosting.

“What’s nice is people have the opportunity to personalize the outdoor spaces,” Menchions says. “But for the most part, the public amenity area is kind of their island on top of the building.”

Having both private and public spots means there are options for residents depending on their plans. The private patios, while smaller, are more intimate but do not provide the space to host a get-together. The multi-use terrace is what Menchions calls inclusive and exclusive, depending on the needs of the resident. Sections of the terrace are available for private booking to host parties and gatherings.

Those looking to get outdoors when the seasons change can enjoy partially covered portions of the rooftop patio while remaining protected from the elements, and also keep warm next to installed fire pits, which also add ambiance.

The new 89 Avenue in Yorkville is designed with this outdoor focus in mind to allow residents full access to the roof, no matter the weather.

“Our rooftop is designed to be a central feature of 89 Avenue, 12 months a year,” Frank Mazzotta, president of Armour Heights Developments, says.

“We have a glass roof that brings sunlight to our indoor, heated swimming pool with its private cabanas all year-round. And our terrace is sheltered so that it will be a comfortable place to sit whenever the weather is fine.”

Residents also have the option of customization and personalized finishings, Mazzotta says. One had the building’s architect design a bespoke balcony that boasted a stunning view of the Toronto skyline as soon as they opened the front door.

The rooftop terrace at 89 Avenue features more than a thousand square feet of floor space, and will be among the most appealing parts of the entire building, Mazzotta says. An outdoor TV and audio system, as well as a bar and gas fire pit, will make it a great spot to watch the Blue Jays on a summer night.

For those moving into a condo from a single-family home, private balconies at Leaside Manors by Baghai Development Limited, offer much-desired outdoor space for relaxing or gardening.

“People who are going to move in have typically sold their family home in favour of downsizing, but still want outdoor space,” Shane Baghai says. “They’re in their 60s or 70s and love that we have outdoor space with an included barbecue, to be thought of as a backyard. We’re surrounded by large trees as well, which really adds to the yard feeling.”

The penthouses at Leaside Manors even include wraparound balconies, giving the residents ample outdoor space to decorate with furniture and plant life.

Source: Globe and Mail
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