New Tech Makes Life Better and Easier

Ever present but unobtrusive advancements are changing the luxury buying process, as well as how people get around their buildings, park their cars, access services and more
Emerging technologies have had a significant impact on the real estate industry in recent years, transforming how it operates and what it offers, but the sector is likely to experience more change in the coming years with the advent of new innovation.
“Historically, the housing sector has been slower to adopt technology, relative to other industries. But the pandemic has really pushed builders, including our organization, to implement technology to re-evaluate and streamline processes, and to enhance our product offering,” says Mimi Ng, senior vice-president of residential sales and marketing at Menkes Developments Ltd.
Technology is becoming a key component of homes in every price range today, says Frank Mazzotta, president of Armour Heights Developments, the developer of 89 Avenue Yorkville.
“At 89 Avenue, given our focus on bringing the best of the world to a very exclusive clientele, technology is unobtrusively present everywhere throughout our residence,” Mazzotta says.
High-tech features at 89 Avenue are present quite literally from the ground up, starting with its state-of-the-art automated parking system. The three-level automated system has been designed to fit the full length of a Rolls-Royce as well as the height of a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.
“When residents enter from Avenue Road to the porte cochère, our valet will drive the vehicle onto the pallet or the owners may park their vehicle on the pallet themselves. A personal code entered will then lower the vehicle into the underground garage and store it in the first available space. 
That same code will retrieve the vehicle back to the main entry. The system is a smart system that begins to recognize the schedule of the vehicle,” he says. “For example, if an owner leaves the building every morning at 9 a.m., the system will move the vehicle up closer in the queue so that the time for the vehicle to be brought back at ground level is faster. 
The pallet will include charging stations for electric vehicles. Trickle chargers will also be available on the pallets so that car batteries do not die if clients should be away for an extended period of time.”
The development also will include two high-speed destination elevators with direct access only to a specific floor with uninterrupted service going up and down. The elevator also uses proximity technology and will recognize when a resident enters the building and will bring the elevator to ground level. 
There will also be one separate elevator for pets, service people or for moving, so the two main elevators are not disrupted.
Residents of 89 Avenue will also benefit from a mobile app that has been developed to allow residents to connect with local restaurants, salons, spas, gyms and other boutiques and service providers. 
The custom app will give residents access to online booking systems for reservations, with menus available within the app. The app will also connect residents directly to the building’s executive concierge team, including the porter, valet and security.
Source: Globe&

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