The Armour Heights Difference

Why is the Armour Heights experience so different from a production builder? It’s all in the details. The level of focus and attention that Armour Heights brings to each aspect of the process is simply at a higher level, and there is a singular reason why.

Armour Heights does it differently. We focus on the finishes first. Our expertise is in delivering truly bespoke custom residences to our purchasers. Every detail is addressed personally by our Management Team; every finish, and each facet of the experience is carefully and thoughtfully planned, sourced and delivered.

This is a different level of customer service. From advising on the perfect choice of suite for your lifestyle, to custom-tailored details that make the residence uniquely your own, senior members of the Armour Heights Team are with you every step of the way.


For project information or to book your private appointment and begin the captivating process of custom designing your bespoke residence through direct consultations with our development team.

Visit our Presentation Gallery and Model Suite at 161 Cumberland St., and discover the possibilities of your custom home in the sky.

Residences from $5.5 million to $30 million +

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